Get the Best Possible Start to A-level Maths

Everyone knows there's a big step up from GCSE to A-level Maths but with this course you'll be able to make it confidently and be well ahead when the new year starts.

  • Have you done well at GCSE at IGCSE but still have a few doubts about tackling the very hardest problems?

  • Do you want to stretch yourself to really master these topics and be able to solve hard 'challenge' style problems involving them?

  • Are you curious about what's coming up in A-level and want to be ahead when the new school year starts?

  • Or perhaps you've already started A-level and realised there are some gaps in your knowledge that are holding you back?

  • A fully online course, all content is available 24/7 so you can study at times that suit you.

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Make the step to A-level maths with confidence

  • Master the hardest topics from GCSE + IGCSE Maths

    Get rid of any lingering doubts about the hardest GCSE and IGCSE topics needed for A-Level Maths and really master them by solving challenging problems.

  • Get Ahead with A-level Maths Topics

    Study ahead by learning some of the Pure/Core Maths from the first year of A-level. Complete the whole course and you'll have a huge advantage having studied around a third of the first year content before others have even started!

  • Decide if A-level is Right for You and Make the Step Up with Confidence

    Get a taster of A-level Maths and decide if it's for you. A-level maths is really hard and students that understand what they're signing up for and work hard to get ahead do a lot better than those that don't.

Hi, I'm Kevin, your teacher for this course!

After studying maths at Oxford and I taught maths in two of the UK's top private schools and then as a highly sought after private tutor. I created these courses to replicate the experience of private tuition with me, but on a fraction of the budget.

There are teaching videos on all the topics in the course followed by worksheets with lots of practice questions. Each problem in the exercises also has a video solution so that you can watch as much as you need as you work through to make it feel like you're in a real lesson with me.

I really enjoyed making this course and I know that you're going to learn a lot from it if you sign up. In the video introduction below I'll tell you more about the course. Then if you're ready to get started you can sign up for the free preview or the full course or learn more about it further down the page.

Choose one of three ways to work through this course

As a fully integrated course gradually or intensively, or as 5 mini-courses (also available individually)

  • Study all topics together over 5 (or more!) weeks

    Maths is best learnt little by little, going back to each topic over a number of weeks. You'll get access to the full course split into 25 sections arranged into 5 weeks, with one topic from each of the 5 strands in each week. Each section should take a few hours to complete fully.

  • Or work through one topic at a time

    When you sign up you'll also get access to each of the 5 strands as individual mini-courses. They contain exactly the same content as the main course, but arranged by topic. These are really useful if you want to look back at a particular topic once you've finished the course.

  • Or study intensively in 2 weeks

    Since each of the 25 topics takes a few hours to cover it is also possible to complete this course in 2 weeks if you work on it full time. So it's a great warm up to A-level maths in the last weeks of the summer holidays that you can then revisit and use alongside your studies at school.

The topics we'll cover in the course are shown below

Taka a look at each of the 5 topic areas by clicking below (and if you'd rather just study one topic that's possible too!)

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Kevin Olding

Kevin Olding is an experienced teacher and tutor, having worked for 7 years at two leading independent schools in London, and for over a decade as a private tutor. He holds a First Class MMATH Mathematics degree from Magdalen College, Oxford, an MSc in Applied Statistics from Birkbeck, University of London (Distinction and prize for best overall performace), MRes in Statistical Applied Mathematics (Distinction and soon PhD) from the University of Bath, as well as a degree in Law. He is also the creator of the Mathsaurus YouTube channel, which has tens of thousands of subscribers and millions of video views.