Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I take a subscription for just one month?

    Some of the courses here have subscription options for payment where there is an initial price and a monthly subscription thereafter. These are designed to give you flexibility as to how long you would like to keep the courses for but there is no obligation to keep the course beyond the first month.

    If you would like to be billed just once and not subscribe, you can either choose an option that allows this, or you can sign up for the subscription and cancel it immediately. In this case you will still keep the course for the rest of the month and not be billed again. Please see the following question for detailed instructions about how to cancel. The process is automated and should take less than a minute to complete.

    Note: Subscription products are not currently supported by PayPal - to use PayPal you must choose a one-off payment option.

  • I purchased a subscription - how do I cancel?

    Cancelling a subscription is easy and automated. Please follow the following steps:

    1. Log into the website and visit the page at . This page can also be accessed by clicking your profile icon at the top right of the Dashboard, selecting 'My Account' and then 'Billing' from the left hand menu.

    3. You should see any active subscriptions with a 'Cancel' button alongside them.

    4. Click 'Cancel' and click the pop-up to confirm you wish to cancel.

    Your subscription will be cancelled from the next renewal date but you will retain access until the date the renewal was due.

  • Do you offer individual or small group tuition?

    Yes, please click the Tuition button at the top of the page to see the classes currently on offer and my availability for individual tuition.

  • Can you make a course about x?

    I always welcome ideas for new content - please contact me at

  • Can I have a refund?

    Online courses are not refundable since the content is made available immediately on purchase.

    For individual and group tuition the refund policy is as advertised on the relevant pages when booked.

  • Do you offer free trials?

    Most of the paid courses have free preview sections that allow you to view parts of the courses for free. There are also a number of completely free online courses you can take to get a sense of the style of teaching.

    I do not offer free trials for individual or group tuition.