Get Ready for the First Maths Challenge

In this totally free course you can practise past paper questions from the Mathematical Association’s First Maths Challenge.

This is a UK based challenge that is also open to students around the world, that gives pupils aged 7 to 9 the chance to take part in a fun mathematical challenge.

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Take your first steps in maths challenges

The First Maths Challenge is an introduction to competition and challenge-style mathematics for students aged 7-9 that can set students on a journey towards the Primary Maths Challenge, UKMT maths challenges and other competitions around the world.

But the problems are also just really fun and accessible and so all students can enjoy the problems and learn some maths along the way.  

In fact I think many parents will also enjoy having a go at these with their children too.

In this totally free course you can try real past paper questions with video hints and solutions for every question.

It's a great way to prepare for the challenge or just to do some fun challenges and to get better at maths and problem solving.